Our achievements and experiences

Hightech was founded in 1988 and with a short time of operation has become one of the main industries of slaughterhouse machines in Brazil. The evolution happened due to the quality and differentials of HT deboning machines, that today holds 90% of the national market. In 2001, the internationalization process began and by 2015 were counted 600 Hightech customers in more than 22 countries. Hightech is one of the important industries of the country and has been gradually expanding its administrative structure and the industrial park. The first Hightech unit in the United States opened in March/2015.


Becoming a world reference in the manufacture of high performance machines, aligning innovation, technology and design for the industry, offering besides products, several alternatives for each one of the customers’ needs.


Having excellence in the products and services that we offer, seeking continuous improvement in the processes, in order to meet the needs and desires of the customers.


01 - Working with seriousness and efficiency;
02 - Maintain ethics in everything we do;
03 - Pride of what we do;
04 - Increase and boost the productive capacity;
05 - Full respect with the segment of action;
06 - Give due attention to the employee