The higher the performance, the higher the result. Hightech has a wide range of high performance machines to meet the most different needs, all of them with the Hightech quality control and expertise.

Meet our Hightech product line.

Hightech has expertise in high performance machines. All our products are robust, efficient and accelerate production processes.


The HT machines line is market leader, reaching about 90% of all the Mechanical Deboning machines in Brazil. That´s why HT today is synonymous of Mechanical Deboning machines.


The TSR machines line consists of Hightech heat exchangers that attend a wide variety of industrial segments, such as mechanically separated meat, fruit pulp, cosmetics, yogurts and others.


The MULT machines line consists of equipments used in the transportation, processing and industrialization of meats, in the preparation lines of fresh sausage, sausage, mortadella, ham, hamburger and others.

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